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2009 Holiday Lights Party


This year we moved our Holiday Lights party to the Woman Club. This gave us plenty of room for Jan's SNOWBALL FIGHT. Below are photos from this year's Holiday Party. Everyone had a great time, both the young, and not so young kids.

Our first attempt at the party was cancelled due to the weather.  On the second try, the weather was good, just a bit chilly to remind us that it is Christmas time.

Our neighborhood Holiday Lights Party and Sleigh Ride was so much fun.  Everyone had a great time drinking hot chocolate eating lots of holiday goodies and going for a sleigh ride all through the neighborhood to view the Christmas decorations.  Santa made a visit and so did his helper 'Rudolph' Roffino.  Click on the photos below to see the larger versions.

Setting up

Xmas001Sm.jpg  Xmas003Sm.jpg  Xmas002Sm.jpg

Santa's Arrival

Xmas006Sm.jpg  Xmas007Sm.jpg  Xmas009Sm.jpg

Rudolph Roffino and Santa


 Snowball Fight .... with Jan's simulated snowballs

      Xmas004Sm.jpg  Xmas005Sm.jpg  Xmas008Sm.jpg  Xmas010Sm.jpg Xmas011Sm.jpg  Xmas025Sm.jpg 

All I want for Christmas is....

Xmas012Sm.jpg  Xmas013Sm.jpg   Xmas014Sm.jpg   Xmas015Sm.jpg

Xmas016Sm.jpg  Xmas017Sm.jpg   Xmas018Sm.jpg  Xmas019Sm.jpg

Xmas020Sm.jpg  Xmas021Sm.jpg  Xmas022Sm.jpg  Xmas023Sm.jpg

Xmas024Sm.jpg  Xmas029Sm.jpg  Xmas030Sm.jpg  Xmas034Sm.jpg

Xmas035Sm.jpg Xmas036Sm.jpg  Xmas037Sm.jpg  Xmas038Sm.jpg

Mingling with Neighbors.

Xmas026Sm.jpg  Xmas027Sm.jpg  Xmas028Sm.jpg  

Santa's Sleigh Ride ....

Xmas031Sm.jpg Xmas032Sm.jpg Xmas033Sm.jpg  Xmas039Sm.jpg 

Xmas041Sm.jpg  Xmas042Sm.jpg Xmas043Sm.jpg Xmas044Sm.jpg

Xmas045Sm.jpg Xmas046Sm.jpg Xmas047Sm.jpg Xmas048Sm.jpg

Xmas049Sm.jpg  Xmas050Sm.jpg Xmas051Sm.jpg Xmas052Sm.jpg

Xmas053Sm.jpg Xmas054Sm.jpg Xmas055Sm.jpg Xmas056Sm.jpg

Xmas057Sm.jpg Xmas058Sm.jpg Xmas059Sm.jpg Xmas060Sm.jpg

Xmas061Sm.jpg Xmas062Sm.jpg Xmas063Sm.jpg Xmas066Sm.jpg

Brought to you by ...


Santa (Jim Lea), Jan Neher, Martha Feeley, David Rofino