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2013 National Night Out

The 2013 National Night Out was held at the Woman's Club. The Richardson Police Department and McGruff, the crime fighting dog, came to help show us how to Take a Bite out of Crime.

Featured Speaker was Alisha Gimbel from the City's Emergency Management Department came to help us know what to do following a possible emergency situation within our area of the City.

Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches, Domino's Pizza, salad, tea, and desert were served to the hungry neighbors.

A great big THANK YOU goes out to the Lewis's, Neher's, Roffino's and others for putting on the event this year.

Special "thanks" goes to Richardson Women Club for letting us use their grounds for this important community event.  If you missed it, you missed a great time.  See you next year!

(Click on the pictures for larger versions)

Setting up and the food.

2013NationalNightOut01Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut02Sm.jpg      2013NationalNightOut04Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut05Sm.jpg

   2013NationalNightOut06Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut07Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut08Sm.jpg  

Canned goods for the Network.

2013NationalNightOut03Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut52Sm.jpg

Milt and his Birthday Cake.

2013NationalNightOut13Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut14Sm.jpg

Getting a bite to eat and getting to know your neighbors.

2013NationalNightOut09Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut10Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut11Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut12Sm.jpg  

2013NationalNightOut15Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut16Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut17Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut30Sm.jpg


Jim taking dues and showing off our directory.


Alisha telling us about being prepared for that emergency.

2013NationalNightOut20Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut21Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut22Sm.jpg    2013NationalNightOut24Sm.jpg  
2013NationalNightOut25Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut26Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut27Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut28Sm.jpg  


2013NationalNightOut19Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut31Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut32Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut33Sm.jpg


Door Prizes

2013NationalNightOut34Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut35Sm.jpg    


2013NationalNightOut37Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut38Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut39Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut40Sm.jpg  

2013NationalNightOut41Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut42Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut43Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut44Sm.jpg  

2013NationalNightOut45Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut46Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut47Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut48Sm.jpg  

2013NationalNightOut49Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut50Sm.jpg   2013NationalNightOut51Sm.jpg