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2016 National Night Out

The 2016 National Night Out was held at the Woman's Club. Our City Councilman (Mark Soloman) gave us a short synopsis of some of the happenings in the City.

This was also our annual meeting where a new board of directors were elected for 2017. This was one of the largest turnouts (an estimated 90 people) in a long time.

We partnered with ProShred to shred our old paper materials. Several people brought trunk-loads of old tax forms and other sensitive materials to be shredded into tiny little pieces.

The City Mayor, Police Chief , and Assistant City Manager all came by for a visit this year.

Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches, Pizza Hut Pizza, salad, tea, water, and desert were served to the hungry neighbors.

A great big THANK YOU goes out to the Lewis's, Roffino's, Lassiter's, O'brian's, Arnet's, and others for putting on the event this year.

Special "thanks" goes to Richardson Women Club for letting us use their grounds for this important community event.  If you missed it, you missed a great time.  See you next year!

(Click on the pictures for larger versions)

Document shredding

Setting up and preparing the food
2016NNO%20001Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20003Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20004Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20009Sm.jpg
2016NNO%20006Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20012Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20010Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20023Sm.jpg   
2016NNO%20033Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20005Sm.jpg

Food collection for The Network
2016NNO%20002Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20021Sm.jpg    2016NNO%20017Sm.jpg

table with goodies
  2016NNO%20007Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20008Sm.jpg

Having a good time with our neighbors
2016NNO%20013Sm.jpg    2016NNO%20014Sm.jpg    2016NNO%20031Sm.jpg     2016NNO%20015Sm.jpg
2016NNO%20016Sm.jpg    2016NNO%20032Sm.jpg    2016NNO%20018Sm.jpg     2016NNO%20020Sm.jpg
2016NNO%20022Sm.jpg    2016NNO%20027Sm.jpg    2016NNO%20024Sm.jpg     2016NNO%20025Sm.jpg
2016NNO%20026Sm.jpg    2016NNO%20028Sm.jpg    2016NNO%20030Sm.jpg

2016 Board


2016NNO%20039Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20029Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20034Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20035Sm.jpg  

Prize winners
2016NNO%20041Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20042Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20043Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20044Sm.jpg
2016NNO%20047Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20048Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20049Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20050Sm.jpg
2016NNO%20051Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20045Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20040Sm.jpg 

Police Chief, Mayor, and Assistant City Manager
2016NNO%20052Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20053Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20054Sm.jpg   2016NNO%20055Sm.jpg

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