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Easter Egg Hunt 2017

arg-magic-easter-egg-url.gif                                          bunnyag1.gif                                              bunnyhiding.gif   

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt was Sunday April 9, 2017 at the Richardson Woman's Club front lawn.  There was fun and prizes for all!  Even the big kids.

The RWC invited us to join their hunt and provided the two Easter Bunnies along with popcorn, cookies, lemonaid. There were face painters, bubble farm, and balloon animals.

Click pictures for a larger view

Setting up

Easter01Sm.jpg  Easter02Sm.jpg  Easter03Sm.jpg  Easter04Sm.jpg  Easter05Sm.jpg
Easter06Sm.jpg  Easter07Sm.jpg  Easter08Sm.jpg  Easter09Sm.jpg  Easter10Sm.jpg
Easter11Sm.jpg  Easter12Sm.jpg  Easter13Sm.jpg  Easter14Sm.jpg  Easter15Sm.jpg
Easter16Sm.jpg  Easter17Sm.jpg  Easter18Sm.jpg  Easter19Sm.jpg  Easter20Sm.jpg
Easter21Sm.jpg  Easter22Sm.jpg  Easter23Sm.jpg  Easter24Sm.jpg

The Hunt is on

Easter25Sm.jpg  Easter26Sm.jpg  Easter27Sm.jpg  Easter28Sm.jpg  Easter29Sm.jpg
Easter30Sm.jpg  Easter31Sm.jpg  Easter32Sm.jpg  Easter33Sm.jpg  Easter34Sm.jpg
Easter35Sm.jpg  Easter36Sm.jpg  Easter37Sm.jpg


Easter38Sm.jpg  Easter39Sm.jpg  Easter40Sm.jpg  Easter41Sm.jpg  Easter42Sm.jpg 
Easter43Sm.jpg  Easter44Sm.jpg  Easter45Sm.jpg  Easter46Sm.jpg  Easter47Sm.jpg
Easter48Sm.jpg  Easter49Sm.jpg  Easter50Sm.jpg  Easter51Sm.jpg  Easter52Sm.jpg
Easter53Sm.jpg  Easter54Sm.jpg  Easter55Sm.jpg  Easter56Sm.jpg  Easter57Sm.jpg
Easter58Sm.jpg  Easter59Sm.jpg  Easter60Sm.jpg  Easter61Sm.jpg  Easter62Sm.jpg
Easter63Sm.jpg  Easter64Sm.jpg  Easter65Sm.jpg  Easter66Sm.jpg