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2 0 1 7    Fourth    of    July    Parade

Wow, what a turn out for this year's parade.

Another stupendous parade through our neighborhood under police escorts and patriotic marching music.

As always, there was lots of fun at our 4th of July Parade.

Everyone decorated their cars, bikes, wagons, strollers, dogs and

children for the parade through our neighborhood. We waved to the

crowds of people who came outside to watch the parade.

The parade ended at the Woman's Center for hot dogs, ice cream, cookies, cake, water, and glitter painting.

And Jan's 241 non-exploding "fireworks".


Click on the pictures below to see larger versions.

Getting Ready......
DSCN1683Sm.jpg   DSCN1684Sm.jpg   DSCN1685Sm.jpg   DSCN1686Sm.jpg   DSCN1687Sm.jpg
DSCN1688Sm.jpg   DSCN1689Sm.jpg   DSCN1690Sm.jpg   DSCN1691Sm.jpg   DSCN1692Sm.jpg
DSCN1693Sm.jpg   DSCN1694Sm.jpg    DSCN1695Sm.jpg   DSCN1696Sm.jpg   

And we are off.....
DSCN1697Sm.jpg   DSCN1698Sm.jpg   DSCN1699Sm.jpg   DSCN1700Sm.jpg   DSCN1701Sm.jpg
DSCN1702Sm.jpg   DSCN1703Sm.jpg   DSCN1704Sm.jpg   DSCN1705Sm.jpg   DSCN1706Sm.jpg
DSCN1707Sm.jpg   DSCN1708Sm.jpg   DSCN1709Sm.jpg   DSCN1710Sm.jpg   DSCN1711Sm.jpg
DSCN1712Sm.jpg   DSCN1713Sm.jpg   DSCN1714Sm.jpg   DSCN1715Sm.jpg   DSCN1716Sm.jpg
DSCN1717Sm.jpg   DSCN1718Sm.jpg   DSCN1719Sm.jpg   DSCN1720Sm.jpg   DSCN1721Sm.jpg
DSCN1722Sm.jpg   DSCN1723Sm.jpg   DSCN1724Sm.jpg   DSCN1725Sm.jpg   DSCN1726Sm.jpg
DSCN1727Sm.jpg   DSCN1728Sm.jpg   DSCN1729Sm.jpg   DSCN1730Sm.jpg   DSCN1731Sm.jpg
DSCN1732Sm.jpg   DSCN1733Sm.jpg   DSCN1734Sm.jpg   DSCN1735Sm.jpg   DSCN1736Sm.jpg
DSCN1737Sm.jpg   DSCN1738Sm.jpg   DSCN1739Sm.jpg   DSCN1740Sm.jpg   DSCN1741Sm.jpg
DSCN1742Sm.jpg   DSCN1743Sm.jpg   DSCN1744Sm.jpg   DSCN1745Sm.jpg   DSCN1746Sm.jpg
DSCN1747Sm.jpg   DSCN1748Sm.jpg   DSCN1749Sm.jpg   DSCN1750Sm.jpg   DSCN1751Sm.jpg
DSCN1752Sm.jpg   DSCN1753Sm.jpg   DSCN1754Sm.jpg   DSCN1755Sm.jpg   DSCN1756Sm.jpg
DSCN1757Sm.jpg   DSCN1758Sm.jpg

Arrival at our destination
DSCN1759Sm.jpg   DSCN1760Sm.jpg   DSCN1761Sm.jpg   DSCN1762Sm.jpg   DSCN1763Sm.jpg
DSCN1764Sm.jpg   DSCN1765Sm.jpg   DSCN1766Sm.jpg   DSCN1767Sm.jpg   DSCN1768Sm.jpg
DSCN1769Sm.jpg   DSCN1770Sm.jpg   DSCN1771Sm.jpg   DSCN1772Sm.jpg   DSCN1773Sm.jpg
DSCN1774Sm.jpg   DSCN1775Sm.jpg   DSCN1776Sm.jpg   DSCN1777Sm.jpg   DSCN1778Sm.jpg
DSCN1779Sm.jpg   DSCN1780Sm.jpg   DSCN1781Sm.jpg   DSCN1782Sm.jpg   DSCN1783Sm.jpg
DSCN1784Sm.jpg   DSCN1785Sm.jpg   DSCN1786Sm.jpg   DSCN1787Sm.jpg   DSCN1788Sm.jpg
DSCN1789Sm.jpg   DSCN1790Sm.jpg   DSCN1791Sm.jpg

Jan's 241 non-exploding fireworks movie.

          Fireworks.avi   (155MB)

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