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Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt was Saturday April 20, 2019 at the Richardson Woman's Club front lawn. 
There was fun and prizes for all! 

Click pictures for a larger view

DSCN1421Sm.jpg  DSCN1422Sm.jpg  DSCN1423Sm.jpg  DSCN1424Sm.jpg  DSCN1425Sm.jpg
DSCN1426Sm.jpg  DSCN1427Sm.jpg  DSCN1428Sm.jpg  DSCN1429Sm.jpg  DSCN1430Sm.jpg
DSCN1431Sm.jpg  DSCN1432Sm.jpg  DSCN1433Sm.jpg  DSCN1434Sm.jpg  DSCN1435Sm.jpg
DSCN1436Sm.jpg  DSCN1437Sm.jpg  DSCN1438Sm.jpg  DSCN1439Sm.jpg  DSCN1440Sm.jpg
DSCN1441Sm.jpg  DSCN1442Sm.jpg  DSCN1443Sm.jpg  DSCN1444Sm.jpg  DSCN1445Sm.jpg
DSCN1446Sm.jpg  DSCN1447Sm.jpg  DSCN1448Sm.jpg  DSCN1449Sm.jpg  DSCN1450Sm.jpg
DSCN1451Sm.jpg  DSCN1452Sm.jpg  DSCN1453Sm.jpg  DSCN1454Sm.jpg  DSCN1455Sm.jpg
DSCN1456Sm.jpg  DSCN1457Sm.jpg  DSCN1459Sm.jpg  DSCN1460Sm.jpg  DSCN1461Sm.jpg
DSCN1462Sm.jpg  DSCN1463Sm.jpg  DSCN1464Sm.jpg  DSCN1465Sm.jpg  DSCN1466Sm.jpg
DSCN1467Sm.jpg  DSCN1468Sm.jpg  DSCN1469Sm.jpg  DSCN1470Sm.jpg  DSCN1471Sm.jpg
DSCN1472Sm.jpg  DSCN1473Sm.jpg  DSCN1474Sm.jpg  DSCN1475Sm.jpg  DSCN1476Sm.jpg
DSCN1477Sm.jpg  DSCN1478Sm.jpg  DSCN1479Sm.jpg  DSCN1480Sm.jpg           

And a short movie of the hunt.


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