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2 0 1 9    Fourth    of    July    Parade

Wow, what a turn out for this year's parade.

Another stupendous parade through our neighborhood under police escorts and patriotic marching music.

As always, there was lots of fun at our 4th of July Parade.

Everyone decorated their cars, bikes, wagons, strollers, dogs and

children for the parade through our neighborhood. We waved to the

crowds of people who came outside to watch the parade.

The parade ended at the Woman's Center for hot dogs, ice cream, popscicles, cookies, cake, watermelon, and water.

And Jan's 243 non-exploding "fireworks".


Click on the pictures below to see larger versions.

Setting up......
DSCN0763Sm.jpg  DSCN0764Sm.jpg   DSCN1553Sm.jpg   DSCN1554Sm.jpg   DSCN1555Sm.jpg
DSCN1556Sm.jpg  DSCN1557Sm.jpg   DSCN1561Sm.jpg  DSCN1562Sm.jpg  DSCN1563Sm.jpg

Getting ready .....

DSCN1481Sm.jpg  DSCN1482Sm.jpg  DSCN1483Sm.jpg  DSCN1484Sm.jpg  DSCN1485Sm.jpg

DSCN1486Sm.jpg  DSCN1487Sm.jpg  DSCN1488Sm.jpg  DSCN1489Sm.jpg  DSCN1490Sm.jpg

And we are off.....

DSCN1492Sm.jpg  DSCN1493Sm.jpg  DSCN1494Sm.jpg  DSCN1495Sm.jpg  DSCN1496Sm.jpg
DSCN1497Sm.jpg  DSCN1498Sm.jpg  DSCN1499Sm.jpg  DSCN1500Sm.jpg  DSCN1501Sm.jpg
DSCN1502Sm.jpg  DSCN1503Sm.jpg  DSCN1504Sm.jpg  DSCN1505Sm.jpg  DSCN1506Sm.jpg
DSCN1507Sm.jpg  DSCN1508Sm.jpg  DSCN1509Sm.jpg  DSCN1510Sm.jpg  DSCN1511Sm.jpg
DSCN1512Sm.jpg  DSCN1513Sm.jpg  DSCN1514Sm.jpg  DSCN1515Sm.jpg  DSCN1516Sm.jpg
DSCN1517Sm.jpg  DSCN1518Sm.jpg  DSCN1519Sm.jpg  DSCN1520Sm.jpg  DSCN1521Sm.jpg
DSCN1522Sm.jpg  DSCN1523Sm.jpg  DSCN1524Sm.jpg  DSCN1525Sm.jpg  DSCN1526Sm.jpg
DSCN1527Sm.jpg  DSCN1528Sm.jpg  DSCN1529Sm.jpg  DSCN1530Sm.jpg  DSCN1531Sm.jpg
DSCN1532Sm.jpg  DSCN1533Sm.jpg  DSCN1534Sm.jpg  DSCN1535Sm.jpg  DSCN1536Sm.jpg
DSCN1537Sm.jpg  DSCN1538Sm.jpg  DSCN1539Sm.jpg  DSCN1540Sm.jpg  DSCN1541Sm.jpg
DSCN1542Sm.jpg  DSCN1543Sm.jpg  DSCN1544Sm.jpg  DSCN1545Sm.jpg  DSCN1546Sm.jpg
DSCN1547Sm.jpg  DSCN1548Sm.jpg  DSCN1549Sm.jpg  DSCN1550Sm.jpg

Arrival at our destination

DSCN0769Sm.jpg  DSCN0770Sm.jpg  DSCN0771Sm.jpg  DSCN0772Sm.jpg  DSCN0773Sm.jpg
DSCN0774Sm.jpg  DSCN0775Sm.jpg  DSCN0776Sm.jpg  DSCN0777Sm.jpg  DSCN0778Sm.jpg
DSCN0779Sm.jpg  DSCN0780Sm.jpg  DSCN0781Sm.jpg  DSCN0782Sm.jpg  DSCN0783Sm.jpg
DSCN0785Sm.jpg  DSCN0786Sm.jpg  DSCN0787Sm.jpg  DSCN0788Sm.jpg  DSCN0789Sm.jpg
DSCN0790Sm.jpg  DSCN0791Sm.jpg  DSCN0792Sm.jpg  DSCN0793Sm.jpg  DSCN0794Sm.jpg
DSCN0795Sm.jpg  DSCN0796Sm.jpg     


DSCN0797Sm.jpg  DSCN0798Sm.jpg  DSCN0799Sm.jpg  DSCN0800Sm.jpg  DSCN0801Sm.jpg
DSCN0802Sm.jpg  DSCN0803Sm.jpg  DSCN0804Sm.jpg  DSCN0805Sm.jpg  DSCN0806Sm.jpg
DSCN1558Sm.jpg  DSCN1559Sm.jpg  DSCN1560Sm.jpg  DSCN1564Sm.jpg  DSCN1565Sm.jpg
DSCN1566Sm.jpg  DSCN1568Sm.jpg

Jan's 243 non-exploding fireworks movie.

          Fireworks.avi   (100MB)

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