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2019 National Night Out

Our 2019 National Night Out party was held at the Woman's Club. 

This was also our annual meeting where a new board of directors were elected for 2020.  Your new officers are:

Pres - Will Brown

VP - Jim Lewis

Sec - Desiree Knight

Tre - Julie Conway

We had several local dignitaries attend this year:

Tx State Representative - Angie Chen Button

RISD Superintendant - Dr JeannieStone

RISD Board - Eron Linn

Mayor - Paul Voelker

Police Chief - Jimmy Spivey

City counsel - Mark Solomon

McGruff the crime dog

Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches, Papa John's Pizza, salad, tea, water, chips and cookies were served to the hungry neighbors.

A great big THANK YOU goes out to the Nichols, Lewis's, Roffino's, Lassiter's, O'brian's, Arnet's, and others for putting on the event this year.

Special "thanks" goes to Richardson Women Club for letting us use their grounds for this important community event.  If you missed it, you missed a great time.  See you next year!

(Click on the pictures for larger versions)

Setting up and preparing the food

DSCN1759sm.jpg  DSCN1760sm.jpg  DSCN1761sm.jpg  

Food collection for The Network


table


DSCN1763sm.jpg  DSCN1764sm.jpg  DSCN1765sm.jpg  DSCN1766sm.jpg  DSCN1767sm.jpg

Having a good time with our neighbors

DSCN1769sm.jpg   DSCN1770sm.jpg   DSCN1771sm.jpg   DSCN1772sm.jpg   DSCN1775sm.jpg   DSCN1776sm.jpg   DSCN1777sm.jpg   DSCN1778sm.jpg   DSCN1781sm.jpg   DSCN1779sm.jpg
DSCN1780sm.jpg   DSCN1782sm.jpg   DSCN1783sm.jpg   DSCN1784sm.jpg   DSCN1785sm.jpg    DSCN1786sm.jpg   DSCN1802sm.jpg    

Some of the Prize winners

DSCN1803sm.jpg  DSCN1804sm.jpg  DSCN1805sm.jpg  DSCN1806sm.jpg   DSCN1807sm.jpg


DSCN1773sm.jpg  DSCN1774sm.jpg  DSCN1789sm.jpg  DSCN1790sm.jpg  DSCN1791sm.jpg
DSCN1792sm.jpg  DSCN1793sm.jpg  DSCN1794sm.jpg  DSCN1795sm.jpg  DSCN1796sm.jpg
DSCN1797sm.jpg  DSCN1799sm.jpg  DSCN1800sm.jpg  DSCN1801sm.jpg  DSCN1787sm.jpgDSCN1788sm.jpg  DSCN1809sm.jpg  DSCN1810sm.jpg  DSCN1811sm.jpg  DSCN1812sm.jpg

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