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2023 Santa's Sleigh Party


Our neighborhood Holiday Lights Party and Sleigh Ride was so much fun.  The hot chocolate came in handy with the chill in the air. We had several sleigh rides through the neighborhood to view the Christmas decorations.  Santa made a visit and so did his helper 'Rudolph' Roffino.  Click on the photos below to see the larger versions.

Setting up

2023%20SantaSleigh01Sm.jpg   2023%20SantaSleigh02Sm.jpg   2023%20SantaSleigh03Sm.jpg   2023%20SantaSleigh04Sm.jpg   2023%20SantaSleigh05Sm.jpg

2023%20SantaSleigh06Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh07Sm.jpg

Santa's Arrival         

2023%20SantaSleigh08Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh09Sm.jpg

Having a Merry Christmas 

2023%20SantaSleigh10Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh11Sm.jpg 

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2023%20SantaSleigh13Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh14Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh15Sm.jpg

2023%20SantaSleigh16Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh17Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh18Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh19Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh37Sm.jpg

2023%20SantaSleigh22Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh24Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh25Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh36Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh35Sm.jpg
2023%20SantaSleigh26Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh27Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh28Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh29Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh32Sm.jpg

2023%20SantaSleigh31Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh33Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh34Sm.jpg

Santa's Sleigh Ride

2023%20SantaSleigh12Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh20Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh21Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh30Sm.jpg  2023%20SantaSleigh23Sm.jpg

Brought to you by ...

Santa (Mike Hudspeth), David & Mary Margret Rofino, Eliot Johnston, Jim and Linda Lewis, Katherine Fauss and others

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