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University Estates North Covenants

Original covenants are dated 4/04/73 and revised on 12/10/75, 4/18/78, 2/04/80, 2/27/81, and 7/14/83.

Parties involved: City of Richardson, Peek Properties, Manicotti Company, Sahara Development Co. Inc., and LSB Corporation.

The following are a condensed version of the covenants for our neighborhood. There are seven different sets of covenants, one for each piece of the neighborhood as it was developed. For more detailed information, refer to the documents you should have received from your title company when you purchased your home.

All property is designated as single-family residential, not to exceed two stories in height.

All lots shall have a minimum of 1500 square feet of floor area in the dwelling living area. This was amended in 1983 to 2200 sq. ft. on some lots and 2300, 2400, and 2600 sq. ft. on others.

Fences will not exceed six (6) feet in height. Chain link fences are not allowed.

The main building will be a minimum of 7 feet (originally 8 feet) from the side property lines. Corner lots will be limited by the building lines on the plat. Out-buildings or detached garages must be at least 18 inches from the side property line and 18 inches from the rear property line. Garage entrances must face the rear of the lot. Variations can be made with approval of the Architectural Control Committee, but in no case may the entrance open to the front of the main building.

No sign of any kind shall be displayed to public view on any lot except one professional sign of not more than 15 square feet advertising the property for sale.

Animals will be limited to dogs, cats, and other household pets and not maintained for commercial use.

Garbage and other waste must be kept in a sanitary container.

No fence, wall, hedge or shrub shall obstruct sight lines between 2 and 6 feet above roadways at corners of streets, alleys, or driveways.

Easements and alleys have reserved areas for installation and maintenance of utilities and drainage facilities.

"No obnoxious nor offensive activities shall be carried on upon any lot nor anything done thereon which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood."

No temporary structure may be used as a residence, either temporary or permanent.

The exterior of buildings will be 75% brick or 75% masonry.

The covenants are binding for a minimum of 30 years, with automatic 5 year extensions unless revised under certain restrictions.

"Enforcement shall be by proceedings at law or in equity against any person or persons violating or attempting to violate any covenant either to restrain or to recover damages."

Invalidation of one covenant does not affect the other covenants.

Improvements to lots shall include four foot sidewalks across the front of each lot and along the side of corner lots by the owner of each lot.

All construction plans must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee.

The Architectural Control Committee members were originally: Harold Peek, Allan G. Jones, Fred Peek, William Cookman (members change with revisions).

All boats, pickup campers, campers, travel trailers, motor homes, or other type of recreational vehicles must be stored at the rear of each lot, completely shielded from the street.

Roofs must be of wood shingle or GAF 340# Timberline Asphalt, color restricted to "Weatherwood". Sheet metal shall be used in all valleys. The minimum roof pitch shall be 7/12.

"Nothing in the covenants shall impair or defeat the lien of any mortgage or deed of trust made in good faith and for value, but titles to any property subject to this declaration obtained through sale, or otherwise, in satisfaction of any such mortgage or deed of trust shall thereafter by held subject to all of the protective restrictions and covenants hereof."

Amendments to the covenants requires approval of 75% of the total of the number of lots and shall be binding upon all owners of such lots and subsequent owners thereof.

August 27, 1981 Old Campbell Road and Lohigh Lanu were renamed Campbell Trail.